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Poster - Toilet Time is Non-Billable

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Toilet Time is Non-Billable | Poster
Poster - Toilet Time is Non-Billable
INR 1,000

Anyone who has worked in a busy 'corporate' firm will know the pressure on lawyers working at all levels to bill the maximum possible number of hours. Falling below the benchmark level is a career-destroying mistake.

This cartoon from Michael Goodman gives some of the sense of that pressure. The more senior lawyer at the urinal is saying to the junior one: "When will you learn, Fordham, that toilet time in and of itself is non-billable?"

The artist, Michael Goodman, is a practising lawyer who specialises in medical negligence. He has been gently lampooning his profession through his pen for over twenty years. 

Dimensions (In Inches) : 11.5" x 8"
Type : Unframed
Medium/Material : Archival Paper
Portrait/Landscape : Portrait
Artist/Brand : Michael Goodman / Carbolic Smoke Ball Co.
SKU : LSM033Po
Toilet Time is Non-Billable | Poster

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