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Poster - Three Bears

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Three Bears | Poster
Poster - Three Bears
INR 1,000

The caption for this cartoon is: 'Let me get this straight, the perpetrator, a blonde Caucasian female, trespassed on your land, broke and entered into your dwelling, sat on your chairs, consumed your porridge, and slept in your beds. Is that right?'

The artist, Michael Goodman, is a practising lawyer who specialises in medical negligence. He has been gently lampooning his profession through his pen for over twenty-five years. 

Dimensions (In Inches) : 11.5" x 8"
Type : Unframed
Medium/Material : Archival Paper
Portrait/Landscape : Landscape
Artist/Brand : Michael Goodman / Carbolic Smoke Ball Co.
SKU : LSM032Po
Three Bears | Poster

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