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Poster - Collaring the Lot

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Collaring the Lot | Poster
Poster - Collaring the Lot
INR 1,250

This illustration by Artist Ray Jeliffe pictures a family (including dog) gathered at the solicitor's office to hear the reading of a will.

In the first scene, all three members of the family are composed and hopeful, while the dog is indifferent.

In the second, one member of the family is disconsolate, while the other are smiling at the narrowing of the odds.

By the third, two of them are disgruntled, but the third human is delighted. Still the dog lies quietly.

Then the bombshell. Everything has been left to the dog! The three family members are enraged, and the dog is ecstatic.
A fun picture to put in your client waiting room!


Dimensions (In Inches) : 4.5" x 9.5"
Type : Unframed
Medium/Material : Thick Glossy Matt paper of 200 gsm
Portrait/Landscape : Portrait
Artist/Brand : Ray Jelliffe / Carbolic Smoke Ball Co.
SKU : LSM006Po
Collaring the Lot | Poster

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