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Figurine - Lawyer bust- Prove it!

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Lawyer bust- Prove it! Figurine
Figurine - Lawyer bust- Prove it!
INR 10,000

 The Lawyer Bust - Prove it is another stunning piece of decor by G. Forchino, France.

“PROVE IT!” (Lawyer bust)- I didn’t do it ! ” shouted the accused, claiming his innocence. “The victim fell on my knife just when I was starting to clean my nails!" Prove it ! ” demanded the prosecutor, rather annoyed. For the record, it seems rather strange to me that you were cleaning your nails with a 30-centimetre long knife…

  • Hand-made, hand-painted sculptures created with resin and sandstone
  • A limited-edition figurine accompanied with a certificate of authenticity

 The details make it a truly unique and handcrafted figurine. Every colour, every nuance is inspired by real people and real passions.

 As a gift

When: Birthday Gift for Lawyer , Gifts for Advocates, Advocate office warming gift, Thank you gift

Who: Gift for a Lawyer, gift for an advocate

Safe and secure packaging, we guarantee delivery in prime condition.

  • Material -  Sandstone and Resin
    Size - L6.4 x B5 x H8 Inches
Lawyer bust- Prove it! Figurine

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