Figurine - Rodin The Thinker
Figurine - Rodin The Thinker

Figurine - Rodin The Thinker

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In between Romanticism and impressionism this self-willed Frenchman created some of the most famous pieces known in the art of sculpting.

The artefact/sculpture is an official reproduction of the original work of art. The material and finish has been approved by the foundation of the artist. Immaculate detailing makes it an accurate resemblance of the original and invites you to bring history into your home. The sculpture adds a sense of gravitas to your space.

Where: Home décor, Office decor , Bedroom décor, living room decor, TV room decor. 

Placement: Office desk, shelf, high table, coffee table. 

Makes for a touching gift for any occasion such as an anniversary gift, birthday gift, housewarming gift. 

Material - Resin and Sandstone