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The Golf Player

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Figurine - Fore The Golf Player
The Golf Player
INR 12,300

The hole was far away, Mauro Rugolin needed to hit hard, but with accuracy.
He knew he could do it several times, he had seen Tiger do the same. That afternoon, a crowd had come to see him and they were all hoping to witness his magnificent drive.

He spread his legs exactly how one should. In perfect synchronization, he initiated a rotation of his shoulders and waste while stabilizing his right knee just a little. At first, he glanced an instant at his distant objective while drawing a small smile of self-importance.

He continued his impeccable movement while concentrating on the little white ball.  He remained immobile several seconds and with all his force…gave a tremendous whack lifting an enormous clod of earth.

The little ball was never found, but the clod of earth finished its arc on the head of the referee, who had to be hospitalized because of a huge bruise and above his left eye.

Gifts for Lawyers often found at the Golf Course! 

  • Actual product may vary in colour and size due to photographic lightening or your monitor settings.

Material: Sandstone and Resin

Artist : Guillermo Forchino

Figurine - Fore The Golf Player

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