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Da Vinci'l Homme De Vitruve Man (White)

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Figurine - Da Vinci'l Homme De Vitruve Man (White)
Da Vinci'l Homme De Vitruve Man (White)
INR 7,200

Da Vinci tended to compensate for his lack of an education in the classical sense with an excess of empirical studies.
The most famous of these is the Vitruvian Man so-called because it is based on the description of the ideal human proportions by Roman architect Vitruvius (around 85-20 BC)

This decorative accessory is perfect for any home office or the study and makes for perfect placement in any bookcase shelf or sideboard.

Material -  Sandstone and Resin  
Figurine - Da Vinci'l Homme De Vitruve Man (White)

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