The Jurist's Paperweight - Brown


Law Suits And More

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The Jurist's Paperweight - Brown
The Jurist's Paperweight - Brown - Law Suits and More
The Jurist's Paperweight - Brown - Law Suits and More

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This Limited Edition Paperweight in Gorara is artisanal stoneware at its best.  
The brass 'Scales of Justice' against the polished stone, make for the perfect gift anyone in the legal profession.  
Paper work weighs down attorneys in almost any jurisdiction, this "Limited Edition" paperweight is the perfect way of weighing down the paperwork for a change.
The product comes with a beautiful personalised note and packaging for the person you are gifting it to. Feel free to mail us@ with details!

 - Fair Trade and Artisan friendly
 - Genuine Alabastar 
 - Brass scales of justice mounted on top of paperweight
 - Dimensions - Approx 3.5 * 3.5 Inches
 - Personalised gift packaging
 - Product Code - LSM13   

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