She Who Must Be Obeyed


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She Who Must Be Obeyed
She Who Must Be Obeyed - Law Suits and More
She Who Must Be Obeyed - Law Suits and More

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SWMBO! The perfect gift for your favorite lady lawyer, judge, lady boss, wife, partner.....

The origin of this phrase comes from Rider Haggard's famous novel, 'She', about a tribe of natives in a lost African Kingdom and its fearsome queen, Ayesha, who reigns as the all-powerful 'She Who Must Be Obeyed'. It re-entered popular consciousness in John Mortimer's novels about Rumpole of the Bailey, the aging barrister referring to his wife Hilda by this not altogether flattering epithet - though never within her earshot.
Material - Compressed Resin
Dimensions2.5" diameter
Weight - 0.5kg
A Carbolic Smoke Ball co., UK product.
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