Native Judges Mug 6oz - Set of 4



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Native Judges mug 6oz - set of 4 - Law Suits and More
Native Judges mug 6oz - set of 4 - Law Suits and More

This mug depicts the six 'Native Judges and Officers of the Court of the Recorder, at Bombay'. Inspired by F W Blagdon's book, 'A Brief History of Ancient and Modern India'. According to Blagdon, these drawings 'were taken from life in 1758' and are labelled respectively as holding the following positions. '1. Judge of the Hindoo Law, Antoba Crustnagee Pundit. 2. Interpreter, Rhowangee Sewagee. 3. Hindoo Officer, Lellather Chatta Bhutt. 4. Judge of the Mohomedan Law, Cajee Husson. 5. Officer to the Mooremen, Mahmoud Ackram of the Codjee order or priesthood of the cast of Moormens. 6. Haveldar, or summoning Officer, Mahmound Ismael'. 

This gives you the range in Set of 4 Mugs.  

Designed by: 'Ms. Jasleen Saggu' exclusively for 'Law Suits and More'   

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