Poster - Dudley and Stephens


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Poster - Dudley and Stephens
Poster - Dudley and Stephens

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This picture records one of the most famous cases in English criminal law which caught the public imagination a century ago and which is still used as a precedent today.

The facts were as follows:

In May 1884, Tom Dudley captained a crew of three sailing 'The Mignonette' from Southampton to Sydney. On July 5th, the vessel sank off the Cape of Good Hope, stranding the men on a small dinghy.

For ten days they survived off turnips. On the eleventh they killed the cabin boy, Richard Parker, and ate him. After being rescued, they were tried at Exeter Crown Court but acquitted of murder. On Appeal they were found guilty of murder, and sentenced to death - subsequently commuted to imprisonment. The question which the court had to consider was whether 'necessity' could be a defence to a charge of murder. R V. Dudley and Stephens is still cited as a precedent in homicide cases wherever the defence of 'necessity' is used.

This print is a collage which describes the case. It shows the dinghy in which the three men were stranded from a sketch by Stephens, a photograph of Dudley, the court where they were tried and Richard Parker's memorial stone.

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Dimensions (In Inches) : 11.5" x 8"
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Artist/Brand : Carbolic Smoke Ball Co.
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