Donoghue vs Stevenson


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Donoghue vs Stevenson
Donoghue vs Stevenson

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This print records one of the most famous cases in English common law.

The facts (as if you need reminding) were as follows:

One Sunday in August 1928 Mrs. May Donoghue ordered an ice cream float from a Paisley cafホ. The proprietor brought the ice-cream in a tumbler and poured some 'D. Stevenson' ginger beer over it. Mrs D. took a drink and found the decomposed remains of a snail in the ginger beer. Suffering from severe gastro-enteritis, she issued a writ against David Stevenson, claiming ᆪ500 in damages. The case reached the House of Lords where the historic decision was made in Mrs D's favour.

This print shows a Stevenson's Ginger Beer bottle with a snail on top. Below it appears Lord Atkinson's "good neighbour" principle which has underpinned the law of negligence ever since.

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