Shall I Tie You Up In Litigation? (Unframed Print)



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Shall I Tie You Up In Litigation? (Unframed Print)

A bit of fun from cartoonist Ian Baker. 'So, worm, shall I tie you up in litigation?' asks the dominatrix female barrister.  To which he replies, enthusiastically, 'Ooh, yes, and make it lengthy and expensive!'

Ian Baker is one of Britain's most popular cartoonists and illustrators. His work is published all over the world in over fifty national and international newspapers and magazines, and is highly collectable. He is a member of the Cartoonists Club of Great Britain.


Dimensions 12" x 14"
Framing Suggestions Brown wood with a high-quality acrylic facing.
Product Code : Poster28


A Carbolic Smoke Ball Co., UK product 

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