Reading the Will (Unframed Print)



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Reading the Will (Unframed Print)
Reading the Will ( Unframed Print ) - Law Suits and More
Reading the Will ( Unframed Print ) - Law Suits and More

A masterly drawing by Thomas Rowlandson.  As the lawyer reads the will on the coffin each character registers a different reaction.  A lady is revived with the vapours, a beneficiary cheers and raises his hat, dogs bark . . . meanwhile, the deceased's ghost watches from the doorway.

Thomas Rowlandson, the son of an unsuccessful businessman, was born in London in July 1756 and is regarded as one of the best chronicler's of London life at the time.  Many of the subjects he drew concerned the law and politics, which, along with his addiction to gambling, landed Rowlandson in trouble with the authorities on several occasions


Dimensions 8.5" x 13" 
Framing Suggestions Black wood with a white mount border
Product Code : Poster21


A Carbolic Smoke Ball co., UK product

Creator - Thomas Rowlandson

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